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College of Arts and Sciences

The goal of the College of Arts and Sciences is to advance knowledge and the quality of life for our students and our state by providing unparalleled liberal arts education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The College is the academic heart of The University of Alabama. It plays a central role in the education of all 17,490 of the University’s undergraduates by providing the foundation courses in the sciences, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, and the fine and performing arts on which all University disciplines rely. As the University’s largest division and the state’s largest and most comprehensive doctoral-level liberal arts college, the College of Arts and Sciences plays a major educational role in the state.

The College is committed to developing the state’s most valuable resource: people. The College’s vision is to nurture critical thinkers, wholly educated scientists, artists, scholars, and professionals who can master any field of knowledge and adapt in a rapidly changing world. To do this, the College must be able to provide scholarships to promising young men and women and professorships for accomplished faculty so central to first-class research and learning. In partnership with its friends in this capital campaign, the College seeks to raise $27 million for scholarships, faculty support, and academic programs.

College of Arts & Sciences
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Dr. Dan Douglas

"Business, industry, medicine, and government now recognize the limitations of specialized curricula. The world’s problem solvers and innovators will come from liberally educated individuals who can think."

Dr. Dan Douglas,
Campaign Steering Committee Chair

Kay Blount Pace

"It is my pleasure to work to complete the vision of the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, which I shared with my late father, Winton Blount. He believed that education is not a private privilege, but a public responsibility to be shared by all. He saw the value of offering a liberal arts opportunity in a larger university setting. The Blount program is now attracting top applicants from other areas of the country."

Kay Blount Pace,
Campaign Steering
Committee Co-Chair

Dr. James Yarbrough

"Simply put, we are in the business of changing lives by offering learning experiences that encourage students to discover the world as well as their own abilities. These experiences produce highly capable citizens who can make a lasting imprint on our state."

Dr. James Yarbrough,
Campaign Steering
Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Robert Olin

"Our College consistently attracts many of Alabama’s best and brightest. These deserving students are coming in increasing numbers and we must be ready to support their abilities, dreams, and pursuit of knowledge with scholarships and exceptional faculty."

Dr. Robert Olin,
Dean and Professor