Our Donors.

Ron and Kathy Cain

“If you’re going to make a contribution anyway, why not endow a scholarship?” That was Ron and Kathy Cain’s thinking when they discovered that scholarship endowments were not just for high profile donors.

The Cains, retired from careers in construction and teaching, were already giving to the University, the athletics department, and the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, but were not usually designating their gifts. They learned that they could endow a scholarship for the same size gift they were accustomed to giving, because the whole scholarship did not have to be endowed at once. There is a “pay-out period” of four years to endow the Kathy and Ron Cain Scholarship for an undergraduate student in C&BA.

“I think anyone who’s reached a certain level of professional success could endow a scholarship as we have done,” Ron said.

The Cains also contribute to various good causes and their church, but they felt a special debt to the University. They credit their UA education with helping them attain the success they enjoy today. “I’d like to give something back. My education opened some doors for me in my career,” he continued.

The Alexander City couple also liked the idea of helping a student specifically with a scholarship, although “we had never really thought about putting our name on something; we’re pretty low-key people,” Ron said. Thanks to low-key people like Ron and Kathy Cain, new doors will soon open for another student, the recipient of their generosity.

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