September 21, 2006

UA Enrollment at Record 23,878; Freshman Class Tops 4,300

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The University of Alabama moved closer to its total enrollment goal of 28,000 students by enrolling a record 23,878 students this fall. Enrollment at UA is up almost 10 percent over last year. The entering freshman class, at 4,378, is the largest in UA history.

“Our enrollment has grown substantially over the last several years. This planned, steady growth is a significant part of our long-term vision for The University of Alabama,” said UA President Robert E. Witt. “Our faculty and staff, our academic programs and our facilities have all contributed to our ability to attract and retain excellent students.”

Total enrollment is up by 2,128 students or 9.8 percent over fall 2005, and includes an increase of 17 percent or 643 students in the freshman class. UA’s total enrollment is up 21.6 percent since 2002-03, the year prior to Witt’s arrival as president. The entering freshman class has grown 65 percent since fall 2002.

“Our freshman class is not only the largest ever to enter The University of Alabama, but also the most academically talented. Our vision of enrolling the best and brightest students is truly becoming a reality,” Witt said.

  • The freshman class includes 83 National Merit Scholars, a 15 percent increase over last year’s 72. UA ranked 13th in the nation among public universities in the enrollment of National Merit Scholars in 2005, and 31st among all universities. The ranking placed UA among the top 10 percent nationally.
  • The total number of freshmen recognized as National Scholars, including National Achievement and National Hispanic Scholars, is 198 – up from 145 last year.
  • One in five freshmen is enrolled in UA’s Honors College. These 901 students represent a 47 percent increase in Honors College enrollment over 2005. To be accepted to Honors College as an entering freshman, students must score at the 95th percentile or higher on a college admission test.
  • The freshman class includes 749 students who graduated from high school with a 4.0 or higher grade point average and 721 students who received college credit based on scores earned on Advanced Placement exams.
  • The number of freshmen from Alabama has steadily increased as well, to a record-high enrollment of 2,891 in 2006-07. This total represents a 9.6 percent increase over fall 2005, and a 42.6 percent since 2002.

“These outstanding students could go to any university in the country. We are proud that they chose Alabama,” Witt said.

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