Our Goals. Our Priorities.

Faculty Support: $58 Million Endowed

Fifty-eight million dollars in funding is also being pursued for support of our faculty. This, too, we believe is absolutely essential. There is no debating the fact that the quality of academic programs is a direct function of the quality of the faculty. It is the quality of the academic programs that attracts the most desirable students. It’s that simple.

We must be able to compete for the most talented faculty and staff, the most gifted researchers and respected thinkers. There is no alternative.

Truth is, investing in our faculty is critical. Not only to help us pursue our vision, but to actually level the playing field. Today our average full-time faculty compensation lags well behind the most respected academic institutions, and many others as well. Even so, we are still ranked the 39th best public university in the nation. While that is impressive, it pales in comparison to what we can accomplish if we make this commitment to make this investment.