Preserving the Past with a Foundation for the Future


Moundville is internationally recognized by scholars as one of North America’s most significant archaeological sites. Like most of the park facilities, the museum has not been refurbished since the early 1970s. The exhibits are aged, dated, and educationally ineffective. No real story is told and the more complex issues such as Mississippian politics, religion, art, warfare, and diplomacy are completely ignored. The visiting public leaves the site without developing a true understanding of the greatness of the Moundville culture. Because of this, the Museum’s top fundraising priority in the Our Students. Our Future. campaign is to renovate and redesign the existing exhibits at the Jones Archaeological Museum at Moundville Archaeological Park.

Our vision for an improved Moundville Archaeological Park began to become reality in 2000, when University Museums staff and University archaeologist V. James Knight worked with museum planners Taft Design and Associates to develop an impressive concept for new exhibits in the park’s museum. The goal is to raise $3 million in private funds, with help from our Board of Regents, so that we can ensure a bright future for one of America’s great treasures, Moundville Archaeological Park.

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Cathy Crenshaw

"The Moundville site was the largest city north of Mexico 800 years ago. We have the opportunity to create a museum where visitors can understand the Moundville people and their rich culture."

Cathy Crenshaw, Campaign Steering Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Robert Clouse

"Moundville Archaeological Park is one of America’s most significant historic resources. New exhibits and displays of important artifacts provide the public with a better understanding of a history that had previously gone untold."

Dr. Robert Clouse