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Do It Now Rather than Later, Donor Advises

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Dr. William Stallworth, a Tulane medical school graduate, decided it was a good time to give a gift to his alma mater — both of them. The retired radiologist from Knoxville, Tenn., earned his bachelor of science degree from The University of Alabama in 1955.

His wife Norene was a graduate of St. Cloud Hospital School of Nursing. With her approval, Dr. Stallworth gave gifts to both Tulane and UA. The couple (who met at the Naval Hospital in San Diego when he was a resident and she was a nurse) had planned to make gifts from their estate. After Katrina, they realized, “Why wait until you’re dead? Do it now rather than later.”

“I have been blessed in my medical practice, and felt I owed something back to the universities I attended,” Dr. Stallworth explained. Speaking with affection of his time at UA, he continued, “I was proud of Alabama. It provided a real college experience, and I want other young people to get to enjoy that same experience.”

The Stallworths’ gift was given through the East Tennessee UA alumni chapter, and the couple have been pleased with the high caliber of students chosen to benefit from UA alumni generosity.

“We have a lot of qualified students here in East Tennessee and I’d like to see more of them attend The University of Alabama.” There were four students he wasn’t able to convince to attend UA — his sons, all of whom wanted to attend college close to home in Tennessee, but who then all graduated from Tulane medical school. All four have also followed Dr. Stallworth’s career path and become radiologists.

When asked what he would say to encourage other alumni to give to scholarship efforts, Dr. Stallworth was matter-of-fact. “Don’t wait. The University can use it now, and the sooner you give, the more deserving students can be helped.”

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