Our Students. Our Future.

We have in our hands a bold new plan for the future of our University. A plan very much in concert with our long-standing tradition of progress and success. It includes many aggressive goals and ambitious objectives. It will take commitment and sacrifice. But it is achievable. Because we are The University of Alabama. And we always have — and always will — expect great things.

Our students. Our commitment.

At the center of this plan are the students. Because we realize our students have the ability and potential to make our community, our state and even our world a better place. This is precisely why we must redouble our efforts on behalf of our students. Because they are our future.

It is for them – and all the other members of The University of Alabama family —that we commit ourselves to the preservation, promotion and progress of our great University.

We must be committed to attracting the outstanding students, and those who hold great promise for our University, our community and our state. We must engage the most accomplished professors, administrators and leaders who will take us to the next level. We must be dedicated to becoming a renowned research university; a place where the future is changed and made better for all. We must increase the size of our student body, so we can give more students the opportunities they deserve, grow our family and create a new generation of educated, talented leaders to lead us in to tomorrow.

Working together, we can accomplish this, and much more.

So every student who ventures across the Quad for the first time, every student who has gone before, and every member of the Alabama family knows they can always expect — and receive — great things from The University of Alabama.