May 13, 2008

Follow that Red Elephant

Members of the Mobile chapter of the Red Elephant Club certainly hope others will follow their example in endowing football scholarships for UA players.

The Red Elephant Club is the football booster club for The University of Alabama. While chapters can give to support different aspects of UA football, the Mobile chapter heard about endowed football scholarships. Don Melton, chapter treasurer, said this seemed like a good way to direct the chapter’s funds.

In 2003 the chapter began collecting funds for an endowed football scholarship. In 2004, resolutions were signed for The Red Elephant Club of Mobile Endowed Football Scholarship No. 1 and No. 2. Each endowment is for $250,000. The endowment for the first scholarship has been met, and Melton said the chapter hopes to finish the endowment for the second scholarship very soon.

The scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in UA and participating in the football program in intercollegiate athletics. Each recipient must satisfy NCAA, SEC and University admission requirements for progress toward graduation.

“Intercollegiate Athletics’ standing scholarship committee selects the recipients,” Melton said. “The chapter has nothing to do with selection, but we receive letters notifying us of the recipients, and the amount of each scholarship. That way the members can stay current with how the scholarships are doing.”

Melton added that for people who love Crimson Tide football and who want to support both the sport and the University, an endowed football scholarship can be a great way to do both.

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