Our Goals. Our Priorities.

Scholarships: $175 Million Endowed
$75 Million Non-Endowed

Achieving our vision and meeting our goals will take commitment. It will take sacrifice. It will take hard work. And, of course, it will take money.

But it will be the most important money this University has ever raised or spent. Because it will be spent on students.

It will fund scholarships for deserving students who want to come to our University, join our family, pursue their dreams, and brighten the future for all of us.

To provide opportunities for worthy students — as well as an unsurpassed opportunity for our University, our community, and our state —we are currently seeking to raise $175 million for The University of Alabama’s general scholarship endowment.

We believe these funds are essential if we are to realize our goals and achieve the great things we know The University of Alabama is more than capable of. And we can say that with absolute confidence. Not only because we personally know the boundless potential of our University, but because we have a history of achieving great things.

In addition to the scholarship endowment funds we are seeking an additional $27 million in unrestricted scholarship funding.

For as many of you already know, endowment funds must be invested for one year before their income can be accessed. The endowment funds are actually never spent. But there are worthy students out there today who want to come to The University of Alabama. We want them to come. So we do not want to wait. We want to act now. So there are no missed opportunities. So our momentum stays strong.

But, even more important, most students don’t have a year to wait. And often, for the students and the University, there are no second chances.