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Sign of Support: UA Faculty, Staff and Students Make Significant Gifts to Campaign

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More than 91 percent of Capstone College of Nursing faculty and staff contributed a total of $131,555 to the campaign.

University of Alabama faculty, staff and students continue to signal their support for the University’s “Our Students. Our Future.” campaign by donating nearly $2 million during the last year. Faculty and staff have contributed nearly $7 million since the campaign began in 2002. Students have contributed $30,000 to the campaign over the last three years.

“The momentum on campus is amazing,” said Graham Smith, UA’s director of special campaigns. “It is testament to the commitment of our faculty, staff and students that we have been able to support student scholarships and other University initiatives that are key to reaching the overall campaign goal.”

Participation in the faculty and staff portion of the campaign jumped 11.5 percent in the past year to 60 percent overall participation. Faculty and staff were able to designate their gift to specific scholarship categories or other areas of their choice.

“I’m very glad that faculty and staff members have become such an important part of the campaign, and especially that they are giving to scholarships,” said Jan Cannon of UA’s Action Card Office, whose staff had 100 percent participation in the campaign. “We must be mindful that many faculty and staff members’ children have been awarded scholarships that were provided by donations. It is a terrible feeling not to be able to give your children an education they deserve.”

This year, the student portion of the campaign, called the SGA SPIRIT Campaign, raised $13,000 to fund scholarships to fellow students who are the first in their family to attend college. Currently, 17 percent of UA’s student body falls into this category. This year’s average student donation to the campaign was $4.44, compared to $1.64 the previous year. Thanks to those donations, 13 first-in-family scholarships were awarded to current UA students.

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