Message from the Steering Committee

Dear Friends and Alumni of the University,

Steering CommitteeYour campaign chairs were honored and humbled to be asked by UA President Robert E. Witt to help lead the “Our Students. Our Future.” campaign. The University of Alabama is important to us and has been since we first arrived in Tuscaloosa as freshmen. Developing academically and socially while students and then using those skills and talents as adults, we all now feel it is our responsibility to help with this ambitious endeavor.  And, we will be assisted by a diverse Steering Committee representing all of the University’s colleges and many other wonderful, supportive alumni and friends.  It is an exciting time and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

This campaign is important to the University.  Competition in higher education is strong; tuition is high.  As we continue to attract the best and brightest, we will remain the flagship university in Alabama and become one of the nations most premier.  At least half of the money raised will go toward scholarships offering stimulating, invigorating college experiences to many of our children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends and those who might not otherwise be able to seek a higher education.

Just walking around the campus, particularly the Quad, brings back many memories. It is just as beautiful today as it was when we walked the sidewalks as students.  Watching the current students brings a smile to our faces. For some of us, co-eds were then required to wear skirts…or cover their shorts, jeans, or pants with a raincoat when leaving their dormitories; this raincoat was the most valuable item in the wardrobe.  We also had curfews – 9:30 p.m.- on weeknights. Now, students are holding cell phones and often don’t go out until late at night. Opportunities to stretch one’s mind are abundant, though Saturday morning classes are also a thing of the past. Relationships cultivated as students continue to be meaningful. We made life-long friends at the University. Many of us even met our spouses while we were there.  The trees are taller, the campus larger, but the appreciation to our University family is just as significant.

We invite you to return to this wonderful community.  Walk around campus and visit the buildings where you attended class or the place you lived.  Share a story with a former classmate.  Reminisce about those who helped you through a particular class or difficult situation.  Smile.   And then, make a contribution to our future.   Future students who have the opportunity to learn, develop, grow, and challenge will appreciate your investment for many years to come. 

Your campaign chairs believe in this University.  We have faith in its leadership along with assurance in you our alumni and friends to contribute to and work on this campaign.  As we ask for your support, we are confident that this ambitious goal will be reached.  We, along with our excellent, enthusiastic Steering Committee, will do all we can to make this happen.

Jim, Kem, Carl, and Ann

National Steering Committee
Our Students. Our Future.